Active Rehab


Active Rehabilitation Program (1 hour session) 

Once approved by ICBC for active rehabilitation, you may book an appointment with one of the registered kinesiologists. The kinesiologists at Collingwood Physiotherapy specialize in rehabilitating your soft-tissue injuries through a progressive, one-on-one program of core stability, strengthening, stretching, and postural adjustments. We begin with a detailed injury assessment and diagnosis, followed by an active rehabilitation plan specific to each individual. Our goal is to identify areas of weakness and restriction in order to ensure a safe recovery. The program is designed to assist you with returning to their pre-injury jobs or activities. 

During each session, a registered kinesiologist motivates and guides you through the program to increase and improve your core stability, range of motion, muscular endurance, and overall strength. As well, the kinesiologist also conducts a gait analysis, to correct any postural issues that may lead to instability and joint pain. The sessions are also designed to educate you with the knowledge of carrying out an independent exercise plan. The kinesiologist will focus on teaching proper exercise technique, and if applicable, proper lifting technique for you to return to work safely. Lastly, a final assessment will be conducted before discharge to determine any changes and improvements.

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Gradual Return to Work Programs (GRTW)

If you were employed during the time of your motor vehicle accident (MVA), you may potentially be approved for a gradual return to work program. The program suggests the most effective way of ensuring a safe return to your preinjury job. The kinesiologist will teach pain management techniques by educating you on the benefits of stretch breaks, icing, and safe lifting techniques. The kinesiologist will also monitor the GRTW and make amendments as necessary based on the clients’ progress.


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